Accepted Wood Waste

Wood Waste Criteria

MMR is government regulated and permitted to recycle wood waste materials. Our permits do not allow us to collect non-wood materials.

Wood Waste material received at our yards will be processed and transported to the Genesee Power Station. Additional charges will apply if the designated wood waste cans contain material other than wood waste (such as trash, packaging material, plastic, pop bottles, etc.) at a rate of $20.00 per cubic yard for disposal and $50.00 per hour in labor for trash removal.


  • Pallet, plywood, laminated wood, and other clean wood waste debris.
  • Overseas heat treated pallets, containers, boxes and or other engineered / manufactured wood materials containing glues and resins.
  • Metal fasteners, screws or nails less than 5/8" in diameter used in the construction of wood pallets, containers or boxes.
  • Gaylord boxes
  • Wood Chips & lumber cut-offs
  • Branches, brush, logs & stumps

Not Accepted

  • Angle Iron, metal and or aluminum
  • Bolts exceeding 5/8" in diameter
  • Rail road ties, bridge timbers & marine pilings
  • Painted, wolmanized or wood treated with preservatives
  • Non-wood material
  • Dirt and Rocks