Recycling Wood Waste to Create Green Electricity

Utilizing alternative and renewable green fuels to produce electricity

Why Choose Mid-Michigan Recycling?

Cradle to Grave Recycling Services

MMR transports or receives wood waste from your site and processes it through end delivery to the Genesee Power Station where it is burned to create green electricity.

Environmental Impact

The use of wood-waste and other biomass is used to produce electricity from a carbon-neutral waste product - while eliminating the need to landfill this material.

No Contracts

MMR offers quality service when you need it without the requirement of long term contracts, volume or time restrictions. We are confident in our ability to retain our customers based on the services we provide.

Telephone Support

MMR provides single point of contact servicing, not an elaborate automated telephone system. We do not expect you to navigate through our organization to get answers. It only takes one call to get results regardless of your request or need. We make every effort to establish one on one customer relationships built on accountability and trust.